Road Safety

Toronto’s investments in road safety must go further. Together, we have fought and won to reduce speed limits on residential streets, build new bike lanes, install creative traffic calming measures, and create more pedestrian crossings. And yet, we still see tragedies on our streets. Paula will use her experience and leadership at City Council to deliver more innovative solutions to improve road safety for all road users.

  • Learn from other municipalities to implement new traffic calming solutions like bollards, narrowing, bump-outs, and more to slow traffic on our streets
  • Increase use of Red Light and Automated Speed Enforcement cameras
  • Ensure the Metrolinx construction plans have road safety at the top of the list
  • Advocate for the return of traffic enforcement so reckless drivers are held accountable
  • Adopt a ‘complete streets’ model in our city to promote safer practices for everyone

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